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A Misrepresented Climate and the IPCC-AR6.2 Report: A Framing and Agenda-Setting Analysis on Indian and American Newspapers Público Deposited

This article examines newspaper reports discussing climate change from both India and the United States, and are collectively defined by their publishing region and the contents they discuss. These articles discuss their respective contributions to preventing climate change as well as their responses to the IPCC-AR6.2 report. Framing and agenda-setting methods are used to analyze these exhibits. They will explore how media sources in each country interpret and present their respective country’s role in climate change and the topic of climate change collectively. Through this analysis, it was expected to find that Indian newspapers are more dismissive of climate change and are relatively complimentary of the Indian government’s role in working towards a solution for the crisis, due to the predominance of state-run media filters. On the other hand, American newspapers were expected to emphasize the actual effects of climate change and were anticipated to be more critical of the American government’s response due to greater freedom of the press. It was further anticipated that there would be an overall greater quantity of climate-related articles, with an overwhelming preference for those from scientists and other reputable authors, compared to Indian media. However, upon completing research, it becomes evident that these previous hypotheses do not align with exhibits. Indian media outlets present a relatively similar quantity of articles mentioning the IPCC- AR6.2 report suggesting they do not limit climate coverage. These findings are relevant for understanding the relation of media to the climate crisis, in addition to understanding how regional differences play a role in the portrayal of the crisis.

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