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Internal State-Dependent Conditioned Stimulus Delivery Using Cardiovascular Telemetry in Mice Open Access

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To further understand mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disease(s) and their impact on physiological systems, improved pre-clinical models and innovative methodology are needed to assess the internal physiological state of the animal in real-time. To address this challenge we developed a customizable software-based program for Ponemah™ that takes into account the animal’s diurnal and resting cardiovascular state in a home-cage environment. Using an integrated Pavlovian fear conditioning and cardiovascular telemetry approach in mice, we demonstrate for the first time a novel software application that can remotely trigger a conditioned stimulus (CS) (i.e., audible tone) based on the animal’s instantaneous cardiovascular state while in its home-cage environment. This new cardiovascular behavioral tool using cardiovascular telemetry extends the ability to quantify integrated physiological correlates of learned fear and may aid in further understanding mechanisms related to enhanced cardiovascular and autonomic arousal in fear and anxiety-based disorders.

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