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Using Personalized Adaptive Learning to Promote Industry-Specific Language Skills in Support of Spanish Internship Students Public

This essay offers a response to the challenge of preparing student interns to successfully utilize Spanish professional terminology in legal and medical settings. The authors developed a personal adaptive learning (PAL) course to address vocabulary language deficits experienced by Spanish internship students. PAL technologies provide students of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) the opportunity to engage in vocabulary learning through personalized feedback and alternative learning content. Implementing Cavanagh et al.’s (2020) Framework for Adapting Learning Design, the authors designed Spanish language modules for legal and medical terminology using Realizeit, a PAL platform that allows instructors to create their own content and assessment items. PAL modules for both legal and medical terminology were added to the Canvas learning management system of the Spanish Internship course and students could select the Realizeit module that fit their internship placement (legal or medical). PAL holds enormous potential to help LSP learners build mastery of industry-specific terminology that will be attractive to potential employers.

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