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Fluid Flow Structure Identification Software Open Access

This project focused on the creation of a software suite that automates the analysis of a variable fluid flow dataset. This solution was built within the Matlab computing environment and consists of a set of programs that the user can effortlessly incorporate into their workflow. The software suite features variable analysis techniques which can be applied to either scalar or vector field data. the features include filtering, volumetric flow visualization, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, and structure identification by method of k-means clustering. The software not only ensures effective data analysis, but also provides organized output of processed data in a streamlined and approachable manner. The customer, The George Washington University Thermo-Fluids Laboratory, conducts research in the field of fluid mechanics. The software simplifies the process of analyzing and understanding fluid flow; it is to aid in the analysis of the fluid data to be able to better and more easily characterize formed structures.

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