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Reimagining Zoos Through a Nature-Centered Approach Public Deposited

Zoos have been around for centuries, yet they rarely put the needs of the animals within them above those of the visitors. Although recent changes have allowed zoos to benefit conservation efforts and species as a whole, they still often harm the individuals that reside within them. Therefore, zoos must be redesigned to improve conditions. This paper argues that the best way to do this is through the Nature-Centered approach. This is similar to the safari style zoo, but with three main distinctions: zoos will only hold animals from similar climates as that in which they are located; they will include more natural enrichment; and, they will put a heavy emphasis on conservation. Due to this, animals will be able to live in larger enclosures with more enrichment and privacy. This approach will eliminate the harmful effects of current zoos, while simultaneously enhancing their benefits. The Nature-Centered approach will also be compared to other proposals for innovating zoos in order to determine why it is the most complete.

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