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Grow your Role: An approach to learning collections through data [PPT Slides] Open Access Deposited

Description of panel at the Spring 2018 Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conferences: "Grow Your Role: Approaches to Special Collections Collaboration." Special Collections has traditionally followed a specific model; tried and true approaches to building, sustaining, and providing access to collections. But are these approaches effective and innovative ways to respond to the changing needs of the communities we serve and the communities we document? How can we expand our repertoire to include new skills and collaborations? This panel will showcase examples of radical collaboration and reimagining of the special collections playbook; a new blueprint that includes initiating collaborations between departments and disciplines, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, and designing services, policies, and instructional offerings to enhance and broaden what we provide to our readers and communities. The slides here detail a collaborative data analysis approach to collection development and public services that took place at GWU in 2017.

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