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Sigur Center Asia Report, Issue 4: A Congressional Perspective on U.S.-Taiwan Relations Open Access

In the year that has passed since the inauguration of Ma Ying-jeou as president of Taiwan, cross-Strait relations have undergone rapid changes which have stirred debate in both Taiwan and the United States. The Ma administration has pursued policies to increase political and economic interaction with the mainland, resulting in a relaxation of cross-Strait tensions. One result of this is that Taiwan is taking part in the World Health Organization meetings in Geneva for the first time, albeit under observer status. At the same time, the context of these changes is unique. It is the one-year anniversary of President Ma's administration and the 100-day anniversary of Barack Obama's administration. It is also the 30-year anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act. In this context, policymakers are examining the state of U.S.-Taiwan relations in order to assess the current situation and possibilities for the future.

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