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Research on Study Abroad, Student and Staff Mobility, and Student Exchange in Comparative Education Scholarship Open Access

For many years there has been research on study abroad, student and staff mobility and international student exchange, however in the last two decades the volume and scope of this work has increased significantly. By now there are specific academic journals, a host of new books each year, expansive reports by international research organizations, and an increasing number of annual conferences that are all publishing on trends and issues related to this phenomenon. Yet surprisingly, in the comparative education scholarship much of this research still appears relatively infrequently in its main journals. This paper examines the seeming contradiction of, on the one hand, more student, staff and institutional participation in worldwide international education each year and new research accompanying this trend and, on the other hand, the relative scarcity of reflection on this activity in the core comparative education journals. In this article we take stock of international education themed research that has appeared in the past in a selection of comparative education journals, share the advice of the editors of these journals to future authors seeking to submit research on these areas, and conclude with our own reflections on the future nexus of scholarship in international education and comparative education.

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