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Tennessee Promise Effect on Retention Rates at Tennessee Community Colleges Público Deposited

The Tennessee Promise is the first state-wide, low barrier entry scholarship that covers full tuition costs for any in-state public 2-year institution. This novel program has increased attendance to in-state institutions dramatically, but researchers have still not answered whether these students have been successful in college as measured by their persistence. This paper aims to address the gap by using a difference-in-difference estimator and a dynamic multilevel latent factor model to examine the effect the Tennessee Promise had on retention rates of in-state public 2-year institutions. The models find a 5.87% and 5.41% effect respectively which translate to an increased loss by between 295-590 students per year per college. To reach the Drive to 55 programs goals, this finding may be an important red flag to the Tennessee government indicating a need for greater support to community colleges.

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  • 4502910.4079_2578-9201.1(2023).08
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