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A question of reframing: How LSP improves math fluency, economics, and financial literacy at the secondary level Public

The purpose of this applied expository paper is to demonstrate how world language teachers at the secondary level can incorporate Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) principles into their courses when it is not possible to offer standalone LSP courses. Multiple examples are provided that illustrate how many traditional classroom lessons, communicative activities, and projects can be reframed to incorporate interdisciplinary connections to provide students with a skill set that focuses on global awareness and communication, as well as economic and financial literacy. One rural and persistently low-performing school district created initiatives to integrate reading apprenticeship strategies, writing across the curriculum, and number fluency into weekly lessons in all classrooms at all grade levels in order to increase student academic achievement. Beginning world language courses at the secondary level, reframed through an LSP lens, can provide valuable support to other content areas. Further, these courses may potentially increase student engagement within the classroom and cause higher achievement on state assessments across multiple disciplines.

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