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School Leadership within India Open Access

To help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4, "Quality Education," this study examines school leadership within the education system in India. UNICEF and UNESCO described quality education as: "quality of learning [that] should be assessed by the capacity of individuals in their childhood, their youth and throughout life to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding, and values to live and participate in society" (2012, p. 4). In essence, all school systems should strive to achieve quality education-- school leadership can impact this quality. School leadership is defined as leadership that influences and empowers others for school reform and better learning outcomes (OECD, 2006). First and foremost, research has highlighted the importance of school leadership and the impact on increased student learning. Scholars Leithwood, Louis, Anderson, and Wahlstrom, noted that school leaders are the second most important actor in achieving student learning as teachers are the first (2004). The major problem with school leadership and training in India is that the school leaders do not receive any formal training for developing their knowledge and skills to be able to implement effective leadership (School Leadership Development, 2014). The lack of formal training is highly concerning given the fact that school leaders are often responsible for teacher training and school transformation. For this study, a qualitative, semi-structured interview process was conducted to speak with teachers and school leaders from both public and low-income private schools in India. The interviews will be coded, to see emergent themes from which the results will be interpreted. This study intends to better understand the effectiveness of school leaders and the style of leadership implemented to produce quality education.

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