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The Divestment Problem: Investigating GW’s Complicity in Apartheid South Africa Público Deposited

During the 1980s, there were massive protests against George Washington University’s financial involvement in South Africa–under Apartheid. The coalition of students, faculty, and staff members from the GW community who led these protests came to be known as GW Voices for a Free South Africa. A major aim of the group was its campaign for divestment from the Apartheid-torn country. Through the research of archival materials from the university, this paper explores the university’s choice to not divest from South Africa, making GWU the only school in the Washington D.C.-area to remain invested in South Africa during this time. Suchconversations often raised increasing tensions between university administration andcommunity members; these tensions still linger to this day.

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  • 4502910.4079_2578-9201.1(2023).07
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