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Homeric Similes: A Compendium of Similes in the Iliad and Odyssey Open Access

Research on similes in Homer has been an important topic of Homeric scholarship both in analyzing individual similes and investigating their use in the larger framework of the two epics. There does not exist, however, a resource where one can find a listing of all the similes in these poems. Our compendium fills this gap and having it available online enhances its use to scholars around the world. In addition to providing the Greek text and an English translation of all the similes in the Iliad (344) and Odyssey (128), we discuss the problem of defining and distinguishing this rhetorical trope from other similar linguistic features. We have also provided ten appendices that deal with various issues involving similes. These will be useful to anyone investigating the types of similes, their function or distribution within each book of the two epic poems, their speakers, and other pertinent statistics.

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