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This report details the design, construction, and testing processes that ultimately led to the completion of The Flying Hippo aircraft. George Washington University's 2018-2019 Design Build Fly (DBF) team sought to create an airplane that meets all mission requirements that were laid out by the DBF competition. In so doing, the team was able to create a vehicle that has succeeded in several of the competition's parameters. Several iterations of a full aircraft, and for each sub-system and component, were completed. The final design is a mid-wing aircraft powered by twin ducted fans mounted just behind, and slightly above, the wings' upper surface. A traditional tricycle landing gear allows for stable, straightforward landing of the vehicle. A removable radome is located on top of the fuselage, along the centerline. It is placed such that any additional lift or drag generated is largely about the aerodynamic center of the vehicle. External attack stores are placed close to the fuselage on the underside of the wing, with an innovative design to mitigate drag and vortex creation when no stores are being carried. The wings are intended to fold backwards when stowed, parallel with the fuselage, to maximize wingspan without sacrificing other design parameters.

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