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Charting a new path toward economic prosperity: Comparing policies for higher education hubs in Hong Kong and South Korea Open Access Deposited

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This article presents a comparative analysis of national policies, implementation strategies, and regional and global aspirations to establish education hubs in Hong Kong and South Korea. The authors argue that existing definitions of education hubs do not yet sufficiently consider whether a hub’s orientation is global or regional and how its funding sources direct its mission and vision. The authors first review current definitions of education hubs and then use Ranga and Etzkowitz’s Triple Helix conceptual framework to analyze Hong Kong and South Korea’s national policies and their hubs’ distinct vision, goals, strategies, rationales, and major stakeholders. The article concludes with an updated definition for education hubs which is inclusive of purpose, mission, role in the knowledge economy, and relationships between key stakeholders, including government, higher education institutions, and industry. This research identifies key indicators of a successful hub and provides additional necessary insights for policy makers working to develop future education hubs.

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