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This essay explains the income and social inequality present in the city of Washington, DC by comparing various aspects of two DC neighborhoods: Anacostia and Woodley Park. I have compared the history and storytelling styles of authors writing on both neighborhoods to determine how the external views of the city have changed over time. In particular, I extend Williams and McFadden-Resper’s ideas of a lack of individualization in the Anacostia neighborhood to the Woodley Park neighborhood. I determine whether the literature on Woodley Park is differentiated from the other neighborhoods of Northwest, unlike Anacostia. I have compared the way that DC’s tourist industry has affected the neighborhoods to ameliorate or exacerbate the wealth inequality. I have analysed the effects of prolonged exposure to income inequality in social and physiological settings, and I have discussed how DC’s segregation plays into both the historical and economic aspects of the history of the two neighborhoods. Using these analytics, I hope to create an initial framework for a comprehensive movement to revitalize Anacostia while preserving the unique black culture found there.

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