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The KAL 007 Incident as an Event in the Evolution of International Law Open Access

The issue of violation of national air space by intruding aircraft, in peacetime, has been raised to a new level of consciousness in the world community the the recent destruction of a civilian wide-bodied passenglr airliner by So~iet military aircraft after it had overflown Soviet territorial waters and portions of the Soviet Union Asian land mass. August 31, 1983 at 1400 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) when a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747, Flight 007, departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport for a flight to Seoul, Republic of Korea. It made one scheduled stop at Anchorage, Alaska for refueling and a crew change. It carried 269 passengers and crew for the final flight to Seoul. The passengers represented 14 different nations and included Lawrence P. McDonald, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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