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Aristotle in Maimonides' Guide For The Perplexed: An Analysis of Maimonidean Refutation Against The Jewish Kalam Open Access

Influenced by Islamic thought, Mutakallimun or Jewish Kalamists began to pervade Judaic philosophy during the 12th Century. 1 In Rambam Maimonides’ Guide For The Perplexed, crucial tenants of this newly developed sect are ridiculed and proven illogical from an Aristotelean perspective. More specifically, drawing heavily from both Aristotle’s Physics and Metaphysics, Maimonides refutes the Kalamic belief that God’s creation happened within time. After describing Maimonides’ understanding of Aristotle’s four causes, I will move into a deeper analysis of why Maimonides believed geometrical demonstration was invalid according to the Kalam and its subsequent temporal proofs. While this essay may not expand the readers knowledge of Aristotle or Maimonides respectfully, it will strengthen their understanding of how Aristotle’s ideological lineage has warped due to historical advancements surrounding philosophy.

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