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March-ing Forward by Leaps and Boundary Spanning: Coevolutionary Dynamics of the Adaptive Tension Between Exploration and Exploitation Open Access

Due to the turbulence of these times and to the embeddedness of an interdependent, global economy, many organizations attempt to enhance their competitive advantage by actively exploring their external environment. Building on earlier research to explore organization-environment interaction via boundary-spanning activity, this study investigates such interactions via tests of analytical adequacy to observe the emergence of the adaptive tension between exploration and exploitation of organizations in a coevolutionary context. After replicating March's (1991) seminal research, this study extends the March model to investigate a coevolutionary, competitive context. Results from computational experiments confirmed the analytical adequacy of the extensions to the original March model. Future research should address further investigation of the extended model's analytical adequacy and ontological adequacy. In so doing, this study provides support for a model-centered organization science and the application of complexity theory to organization science research.

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