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soc7: Firefighting and Hazardous Situation Assistance Robot Open Access

The soc7: Firefighting and Hazardous Situation Assistance robot is designed to aid first responders by increasing their situational awareness of the tasks at hand. It is also capable of helping them sustain operations by providing important supplies such as compressed air tanks to firefighters. soc7 is controlled remotely by a user and not designed to be autonomous; it operates by providing visual feedback to personnel who can then maneuver it in a manner similar to a remote control car. The robot utilizes a steel chassis with an insulated electronics compartment to provide structure and house electrical components. These components provide thermal resistance. Tank treads allow for mobility over a wide range of terrain. A support system was designed on the top of the robot in order to house a compressed air canister. The robot can climb standard stairs, scale small obstacles, and move in any desired nonlinear path, including backwards motion

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