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Chiral Extrapolation of Light Mesons from the Lattice Open Access

The ρ(770) meson is the most extensively studied resonance in lattice QCD simulations in two (Nf=2) and three (Nf=2+1) flavors. We analyze all available phase shifts from Nf=2 simulations using unitarized Chiral Perturbation Theory (UCHPT), and allowing not only for the extrapolation in mass but also in flavor, Nf=2→Nf=2+1. The flavor extrapolation requires information from a global fit to ππ and πK phase shifts from experiment. In the chiral extrapolations of Nf=2 simulations, the KKbar channel has a significant effect and leads to ρ(770) masses surprisingly close to the experimental one. We also discuss recent results on the chiral extrapolations of Nf=2+1 lattice QCD data.

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