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The Fabric of Answer: Constructing a National Facade Open Access

The fabric of answer ( fabrika javob) refers to the efforts of Tajikistan’s State Committee for National Security to respond to discussions in the media as well as among people (rumors). Its primary goal is to shape the outside facade of the country and shut down, ridicule or negate critical and dissident speech. The main goal is to work on the image (imijsoz) of the country, which is done by exploiting the notions of vatan (homeland) and millat (nation). The fabric of answer has become the main agent for deciding who is part of the homeland and nation and who is a traitor and enemy. Based on documents and internet discussions, this article demonstrates how the fabric of answer interferes in human lives and online discussions. The use of homeland and nation serves to emotionalize discussions and divert readers’ attention from social problems and criticism.

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