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Beyond Football and Basketball: High School and College Sports Participation, Socioeconomic Background, and College Selectivity Open Access

Research suggests that participation in high school organized extracurricular activities is strongly associated with social class, and that participation will also influence postsecondary plans. Drawing mainly on cultural capital theory, the debate has either focused on the associations between social class and activity participation, or the role that cultural orientations play in extracurricular participation. The purpose of this correlational study is to examine the relationship between socioeconomic background and college matriculation for high school athletes who are involved in non-revenue generating sports (i.e. not football or basketball) using data from the Educational Longitudinal Survey (ELS:2002). This analysis will examine intercollegiate athletic participation at two levels of college attainment: the first level will look at any four-year college or university; the second stage will look at athletes at the most elite or selective institutions. For both institutional groups, characteristics such as socioeconomic status, gender, participation in varsity high-school sports and outside sports training will be analyzed. Data analysis will begin on March 1, 2018. Conclusion based on this study and recommendations for future research are made.

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