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Sigur Center Asia Report, Issue 6: U.S. Policy Directions on Taiwan Open Access

In an era of improving Taiwan-China relations, the question of the importance of the United States’ relationship with Taiwan is open to discussion. With deepening economic ties and improving political relations with China under the Ma Ying-jeou administration, is the United States still important to Taiwan? The answer provided by the panelists at the October 28th roundtable was a definitive “yes.” The United States, according to the panel, is still vitally important for Taiwan’s continued security. Though each speaker highlighted different aspects of the U.S-Taiwan relationship, each emphasized the role the U.S. plays for Taiwan. For the panelists, potential U.S. policy directions include continued U.S. commitment, both in security and economics, which they argued is important to Taiwan’s future stability and to its ability to continue improving relations with China.

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