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Developing a Cybersecurity Assessment Neural-Network Open Access

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Cybersecurity is the foundation of technology that determines the resilience and protections of operations throughout the world. With the increase of innovation, the requirements for cybersecurity authorization and governance increases to mitigate the potential threats for malicious activities. Maintenance of a cybersecurity program to safeguard critical systems and infrastructure is a continuous organizational process. To mitigate the risk associated with data loss, corruption, or misuse, organizations must adopt innovation to balance resources and optimize security functions.In this Praxis, the author developed a continuous monitoring approach based on a neural network framework, dubbed the Security Continuous Monitoring Neural-Network, to automate the continuous monitoring functions found in the Risk Management Framework to improve operational scalability by reducing the impact of this function as part of effective cybersecurity program. The use of the Security Continuous Monitoring Neural-Network can augment an effective cybersecurity program to optimize organizational resources in support of the Risk Management Framework.Keywords: Enterprise Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Deep Learning

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