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An Animated Life; An exhibition proposal exploring awareness through storytelling and animation Open Access

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The exhibition proposed in this thesis project aims to inspire self-awareness and empower the visitors to explore and create stories of their own. By utilizing the familiar medium of animated feature films, the visitor will approach the universal elements that stories provide to our lives. Inspiring the visitor to become aware storytellers. The site for this exhibition is the Preview Museum of the Museum of Science Fiction, in Washington, DC. This exhibition would be a temporary exhibition at The Preview Museum and it would later travel around major cities in the United State until the permanent building of for the Museum of Science Fiction is finished. One of the major opportunities of this project will be devising a successful design strategy that will invite the visitor (adults that live in a set routine) to have a proactive experience through the exhibition. We are exposed to a variety of stories all the time. Since the purpose of this exhibition is to bring awareness of this fact, and motivate the visitor to embrace the role of the storyteller. One of the strategies meant to tackle these challenges is the use of animated feature films the reason behind this decision being that this medium is concrete evidence of storytelling.

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