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The Power of Assessment: Promoting Communication and Problem Solving Skills in Independent Schools Visual Art Programs K-8th Grades Open Access

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This study examines the power of assessment, and focuses on independent art educators in grades K-8th. The study is informed by an art educator questionnaire as well as in-classroom observations that establish a foundation for how educators use different methods to assess students. There are many ways educators can assess students' levels of understanding; this study singles out art education assessment practices that best foster students' abilities to obtain a high level of understanding. Evaluation is considered a prominent factor in education and is incorporated in all facets of schools curricula. Therefore, the criteria must be pre-determined to assist educators in modeling and identifying the specific benchmarks for students to achieve success consistently. Extensive research and studies have guided this thesis to define the best model of assessment to foster creativity, encourage problem solving techniques, and strengthen students' communication skills.

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