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Does Experience Help Firms Navigate Antidumping Procedures? Open Access

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This dissertation consists of three essays on international trade. All of them investigate how prior experience with antidumping can help foreigners navigate the antidumping process. Chapter 1 provides a theoretical foundation to motivate the empirical analysis in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. A two-stage theoretical model is developed for both the initial AD investigation and the administrative reviews. Chapter2 examines empirically whether prior experience with antidumping can help foreigners navigate the initial investigation process by: 1) lowering the probability of facing duties; and 2) decreasing the duty they face if they do lose. Chapter 3 conducts an empirical analysis on the administrative review process within the U.S. It will focus particularly on: 1) the possible impact of a foreign firm's previous experience with the antidumping process when determining whether to request an administrative review; and 2) determinants of the dumping margin that arises if a review is requested.

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