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Increasing 4G Network Infrastructure in Nigeria to Improve E-commerce Open Access

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The African continent holds 17% of the population in the world and maintains several infrastructures and investments with average returns of 18% to 22% yet, the low Information and Communication Technology (ICT) such as the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) across the African countries continue to limit the social-economic growth of the continent (Agwu & Carter, 2018). People in developed countries rely on high-speed Internet broadband such as 4G LTE in conducting E-commerce services. Nigeria is a county in West Africa with a large fiber optics, but the country still lags behind in technology such as the Internet. Nigeria has the ability to influence the social-economic as well as the technological growth of the country positively, but the diverse location of the people living in the country still suffers low Internet broadband speed (bandwidth) for E-commerce services. This research study thoroughly investigated the era of Internet access as well as E-commerce services experienced in African countries with a focus on Nigeria. The results of the research study indicated a solution to increase the 4G network infrastructure in Nigeria in order to improve E-commerce as a percentage of GDP by 20%.

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