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Risk Perception in Type 2 Diabetics: Correlates and Predictors Open Access

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The purpose of this study was to further investigate the accuracy of risk perception in patients with type 2 diabetes and to look at relationships between this risk perception, diabetes knowledge, self-care behavior and treatment outcome. Seventy-four patients with type 2 diabetes who were seen in an endocrinology clinic at a major medical center participated in this study. Results showed that patients significantly over-estimated their risk of developing retinopathy and end-stage renal disease and patients had an optimistic bias; they believed that they were less likely than others like them to develop diabetes-related complications. Results also showed a positive relationship between risk perception for some complications and diabetes knowledge and glycemic control. A negative relationship was found between risk perception and self-care behavior. These results have both clinical and public health implications for education and treatment of diabetes.

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