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Radio CPR: Community Empowerment Through Local Radio Open Access

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This thesis documents the story of a non-mainstream, community-powered radio station--Radio CPR--which broadcasts from the diverse neighborhood of Mount Pleasant in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1998, Radio CPR is a hyper-local, collectively-run media platform that operates independent of corporate, government, and non-profit funding or direction. The themes of counter-culture movements, including DIY and Punk, have influenced the station's development and shaped its guiding principles of direct action, inclusivity, and diversity. Radio CPR provides a means of cultural interchange, civic engagement, and social activism for the local community. Run entirely by volunteers, the station gives a voice to those who seek social justice. Issues aired by the station include immigration, welfare reform, and discrimination. Radio CPR faced a major transition in 2013, and is now working to maintain its root goals, while adapting to change. The station is an example of the way groups can organize to foster social justice and media access. The historic struggle of Radio CPR for freedom of the airwaves can inform the current generation's work toward freedom of the Internet--"net neutrality."

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