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Magnesium Supplement and Risk of Heart Failure among Patients with Type II Diabetes Open Access

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The published studies have found the positive association between risk of heartfailure (HF) and diabetes malleus (DM), it is critical to find a safe, affordable, and effective way to reduce the HF risk and improve health outcomes in patients with DM. This study examined the association between magnesium supplement and the risk of HF among 27,669 DM patients aged 40 years or above, who were identified from the Cerner HealthFacts database. We created a multivariate Cox regression model with magnesium supplement as an exposure and incidence of HF as an outcome, adjusting for patients’ demographics, laboratory results and comorbidities. We found that magnesium supplement reduced HF risk (HR=0.74, 95%CI = 0.74-0.94) in our study cohort.

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