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The Roles and Responsibilities of Learning Support Teachers in Independent Schools Open Access

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Although many teaching roles at independent schools are clearly defined, the roles and responsibilities of learning support teachers (LSTs) remain uniquely amorphous. The purpose of this study was to better understand the roles and responsibilities performed by LSTs so as to better understand how independent schools address the needs of students who require additional academic support. I conducted a basic qualitative study using an online questionnaire in which I surveyed 101 randomly selected independent school LSTs. Using constant-comparative analysis, I identified three factors that influenced the roles LSTs performed: (a) the grade levels of their students; (b) LSTs’ professional experience; (c) LSTs’ educational backgrounds. All of these factors influenced the roles LSTs performed with students, other teachers, and parents. I also identified ways in which additional research would help us to further understand LSTs and their roles in independent schools.

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