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Bridging The Gap: Exploring the Relationship Between the Developing Artist, the Arts College Curriculum and the Creative Industry Open Access

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Abstract of ThesisBased on a series of interviews, this narrative based qualitative study seeks to determine whether the arts college or liberal arts college curriculum provides necessary guidance to support art students with obtaining art-related career opportunities after graduation. The study begins with the definition of success, the importance of higher education, career planning, and networking as a way to gather strategies that have presented a positive outcome for artists. Data for this study was collected in the form of interviews with participants that were affiliated with Arts College or Liberal Arts College to study or work. Participants within the study share their educational experiences and offer new insight based on responses to questions pertaining to the meaning of success and whether they consider themselves to be business minded artists in order to implement effective career planning strategies. Another question arises within this study, as it pertains to the responses of the participant interviews, suggesting that happiness equates to the success of an artist. How might this benefit or affect the artist’s quest of career development?Key words: career development, arts college, creative industry, art related, higher education, career planning, decision-making, developing artist

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