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A Set Design for a Production of Naomi Wallace’s The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek Open Access

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The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek, an original play by Naomi Wallace, was produced by the Department of Theatre and Dance at The George Washington University in the spring semester of 2015. Directed by Jodi Kanter, the production was performed from February 19 to 22 in the Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre on The George Washington University campus in Washington D.C. Carl F. Gudenius executed the Lighting Design and the Sydney Moore carried out the Costume Design. The objective of this thesis is to identify the challenges of designing and producing the set for The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek and to explain how these challenges were overcome. Starting with conceptualizing the imagery in the script into a design concept, the thesis chronicles the process of developing the background research into a concept, externalizing a visual exposition appropriately for the actions and scenes established in the script, building the design idea into actual scenery, and achieving the aesthetic goal while balancing practical production factors.

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