Please take your Seats: An Exploration of Chairs through the Designer and Consumer Open Access

This paper has been a way to put in words how an exhibition designer goes through their process. I was able to use the writing as a tool to filter out my design plans and thoughts. This paper will help explain each step that goes in to making a final pitch for an exhibition. Every part of the design process is important and helps tell the main story. A lot of times the design process can get rushed through or certain parts can get skipped over, but being able to write it all down was very helpful. The paper will first dive into what is the meaning behind the topic. Why this topic was chosen and what makes it unique enough to turn into an exhibition that visitors will want to visit. There will be research presented on previous shows and how they influenced the design choices made for Have a Seat. From there, design strategies were created and the base for the show was born. This paper will help explain how these strategies came to shape the show.


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