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Multi-sensor Platform Design For Indoor Gas Monitoring in Asthma Detecting Application Open Access

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Nowadays chronic diseases affect a sharply-growing part of population in mostdeveloped countries. As one of the leading causes of work and school absence,asthma affects an estimated 26 million Americans. In the past few years, cliniciansand administrators have identified telemedicine as a new strategy to support thepatient management, ensuring a decrease of hospital admissions, prompt diagnosisand improvement of the patient’s quality of life. A configurable multi-sensorstationary platform, placed in patient’s home, monitoring air condition with minordisturbance to people’s daily life is proposed to support the asthma data collection inthe asthma disease information management system. On this multi-sensor platform,we have developed a friendly user interface for dynamic data display, installed a datatransmission module based on Bluetooth and integrated Alphasense high quality NO2& O3 sensors on the board as well as 3 reserved peripheral AD channels for furthergas monitoring use.

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