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Before the Disaster Occurs: A Proactive Method of Assessing Multi-Agency Communication Interoperability When Using Unmanned System Technology in Support of Public Safety Emergency Response Missions Open Access

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Research is conducted with an overall objective of providing contribution to the success of UMS technology when applied to public safety missions. The research examines the relationship between public safety wireless and UMS in the areas of technology use, communication needs, and approach to communications technology development. Supported by findings from literature reviews for both public safety wireless and UMS, theory indicates strong relationships between the two technology domains: the problems, solutions, and implementation challenges of public safety wireless as predictors of the same for UMS when applied to public safety applications. Multi-agency communication interoperability is a significant need for public safety; interoperability failures are a significant problem. Application of the theory yields the need to examine the topic of interoperability for UMS when it is applied to public safety missions. An analytic framework for the assessment of UMS wireless communication interoperability is developed and presented. The framework and its process support the structured analysis of standards, policy, and regulatory documentation and UMS system design for parameters affecting UMS interoperability. A theoretical example for a public safety search and rescue mission supported by an aerial UMS is presented.

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