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One Art Teacher's Journey Toward Curriculum Review and Revision Open Access

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This qualitative research study focused on the process of curriculum review and revision in an independent Christian school. The author, who developed the current visual arts curriculum for secondary students, identified methods to evaluate the current visual arts curriculum. Considerations that directly impacted the study were school culture, teacher isolation, accreditation, and curriculum transference. Curriculum inquiry was conducted using methods developed by Sullivan (2009), "Art Practice as Research", Schubert (1987), "Curriculum: Perspective, Paradigm, and Possibilities", and Irwin (2004), "A/r/tography". The existing curriculum document was evaluated based upon Bloom's Taxonomy and the Eight Studio Habits of the Mind developed by Hetland, Winner, Veenema, and Sheridan (2007) in their book "Studio Thinking". The research revealed findings that will inform future curriculum decisions.

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