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Investigating the Impact of Teamwork Quality on the Effectiveness of Managing Multiple Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry Open Access

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Managing multiple projects (MMP) is a current trend in project management. Thistype of management has become common in many industries, particularly in the oil andgas industry. It is not easy for one project manager to manage multiple projectssimultaneously and effectively. To date, there has been limited research investigating thefactors that impact project effectiveness in a multiple-project management setting. Thisstudy is a continuation of previous research that has identified major key drivers ofeffectiveness in MMP in terms of both project performance (PP) and project manager’slearning (PML). The objective of this research is to investigate the impact of teamworkquality (TWQ) on the effectiveness of MMP in the oil and gas industry. TWQ ismeasured as an aggregate of six variables: communication, coordination, balance ofmember contributions, Mutual support, Effort and Cohesion. Effectiveness is defined asPP, which is quantified in terms of schedule, budget and quality, and PML, which isquantified in terms of acquisition of knowledge and skills. This work evaluates theimpact of TWQ on PP and PML in the context of MMP via surveying multiple-projectmanagers from 13 major oil and gas companies worldwide. A total of 184 team leadersand managers participated in this survey. The findings show that some factors of TWQhave an impact on PP and PML in MMP.

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