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A Framework for Implementing Systems Engineering Development of Complex Systems Open Access

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The Department of Defense and the aerospace industry are responsible for decades of successful implementation of systems engineering process models used for the development of complex systems. The process models implemented throughout acquisition life cycles have proven to be comprehensive and flexible, and hence are designed to reduce acquisition schedule variability and the inherent risks of life-cycle cost overruns. While implementing the appropriate process model is important, various process models do not evaluate and quantify potential technical, manufacturing, scheduling and cost risks that may impact acquisition activities throughout the acquisition life cycle of the complex system. A potential way to effectively manage these risks with the appropriate process model is through the incorporation of the Synthesized Framework, the proposed method developed in this dissertation. With the described Synthesized Framework (SF), process models and risk drivers can be analyzed using this comprehensive approach, which implements qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques through Monte Carlo simulation. The result is a repeatable, inherent, risk-driven commitment process that can stabilize and synchronize both systems engineering and acquisition processes.

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