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The Dark Passage A Film Noir Repository and Museum Open Access

The objective of this thesis is to design an immersive space in which the “user” is made to feel uneasy with a heightened sense of excitement. The purpose is to recreate the same experience that Film Noir provides in an educational environment. The scope of the project will include expansive public spaces and tight, secluded private spaces. American film is an important part of the country’s history and culture, and should be preserved. This thesis seeks to educate the public on the importance of American film and its preservation through an in-depth look at the Film Noir genre. I seek to create an immersive environment that intrigues the user and encourages him or her to explore through tension and unease.Although there are many popular genres of film, this paper will be focusing on Film Noir, which first came out in the 1940s and had a very striking visual style that instantly put the viewer on high alert. Interior design can affect people’s psychological state of mind and evoke a wide variety of emotions. A contrast of open spaces and really enclosed tight spaces will be employed to unsettle the “user”. The “user’s” vision will be compromised through very little use of light and primarily black space, which will also serve to cause discomfort.The research will rely mostly on scholarly sources, such as journals and research papers about the importance of film preservation, as well as the psychological effect of light and shadow. This thesis will also discuss some journals on human behavior and design.This thesis provides some insight into the historical and cultural influence of World War II on American film. Hopefully, this thesis will culminate in a design solution that will educate people about classical film noir and provide an entertaining experience for people seeking something different and unique in the Washington D.C. area, while providing some insight on the bias of today’s media and its portrayal of the troubled times we live in.

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