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The exhibition is a story about how women entered the world of riding two-wheeled vehicles, and the challenges they faced during the transition of motorcycle ridership perceptions. It seeks to better explain the origins of these ridership stereotypes, their relation to gender, and how these perceptions have changed throughout history due to the socioeconomic factors that shaped these views.The exhibition will use design concepts that reflect the power of the exhibition’s main message. Large graphics and eye-catching colors, such as red, will be used to create an emotional environment in which visitors, especially those who have a connection with the exhibition’s main message, can relate and express their stories and feelings. Stories of first women motorcyclists will be the first step at the exhibition to introduce visitors to those who stood for themselves in entering the world of motorcycles, as well as a brief history of the invention of motorcycles and their role in the history of women ridership. This will serve to better prepare visitors to understand the major gender-based trends in motorcycle ridership.

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