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Human Form: Yoga sequences translated to the built environment Open Access

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Through digital processing I am proposing an installation of yoga sequences by analyzing human body movement to the built environment. Each pose morphing into the next will create a relaxed and comfortable experience in the metro station for individuals passing through.Yoga is performed to create a sense of calm and peace in ones body and mind, transforming and translating poses into a system of mental abstraction. Through the interaction of yoga poses these systems of movements will be translated into the design of space by analyzing a kit of parts/parts to whole relationship. These relationships will be studied through tracing, modeling, and system parameters. The system parameters will define the criteria for the kit of parts design. These studies will then be tested through various outputting techniques, also called digital fabrication.The Yoga pose installation will be situated at the Washington, D.C. Farragut West metro station. Washington, D.C. is ranked the second busiest metro station in the country. Due to the stressful and chaotic atmosphere, the installation crafted of forms of yoga sequences will calm the users of the space, help guide them, and improve their experience in the metro station.

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