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Fetch! An Interactive Exhibition Exploring the Unique Relationship Between Humans and Dogs Open Access

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This exhibition creates an innovative, playful learning space for humans and their dogs. Fetch! will illuminate the unique bond that humans and dogs share. The exhibition will be located at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California, an institution that prides itself on learning through discovery and play. Though the exhibition can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, the target audience is millennials (ages 22 to 40) … and their dogs. The visitor “team” will learn how, over 14,000 years, the two species have adapted to living with one another. Through unique interactive stations, the visitor can explore the science behind dogs’ senses and build an awareness of how dogs navigate our complex modern world. Dogs will have the chance to explore the exhibition with a variety of their senses and participate in interesting activities with their owners. The exhibition will also challenge visitors to consider what the future of the human/dog relationship might look like. Ultimately, Fetch! is meant to create lasting, personalized memories of the bond we share with our “best friends.”

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