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Acéptame is a multimedia project about the queer Latinx community of Washington D.C. and how three characters make themselves feel visible in spaces that don’t always accommodate for them. The project follows a DJ (Nahuel Aránguiz), a drag queen (Randy Salmeron), and a drag king (Yadiel Melendéz). Each individual navigates these communities in different ways through their craft. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that there are more communities than we see in the LGBTQ community, especially ones that are more inclusive. Through the documentary, each individual demonstrates how they thrive in the queer or Latinx community, or both. The audio interviews include definitions of queer and Latinx, discussing the conflict between LGBTQ and Latino spaces. Demonstrating video visuals of either DJing, performing at gay clubs and events, or even being surrounded by their friends and family, which can be seen through profiles in the website  www.acceptmeproject.com. The website provides a visual understanding of the project, along with explanations and stills of each individual, where they chose to pose with their chosen families.

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