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The Hidden Life of Trees: using immersive exhibition design to create an emotional connection between people and trees. Open Access

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This thesis proposal for the exhibition, The Hidden Life of Trees, explores theimportance of trees in forests through participation in a highly immersive and multi-sensory exhibition. Though it can be enjoyed by anyone it will be targeted to a younger audience, people 15-35. I will primarily be researching Millennial’s, as they are the group that most closely encompasses the demographic. This exhibition aims to help connect this technology-obsessed audience with trees by taking them underground among the roots to see and understand how trees, like families, are complex communities that help each other thrive for the better of the whole. It also serves to bring awareness to the importance of trees and by targeting a younger audience, it hopes to inspire change.The Hidden Life of Trees will be a fun way for teens and young adults to spend time with their friends and family while creating a deeper more personal connection with trees. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore this immersive environment with all their senses and hopefully never look at forests the same way again.This thesis explores the considerations for attracting an engaging a crucial audience for this topic and for creating an effective exhibition within the National Building Museum in Washington DC for their annual Summer Block Party exhibition.

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