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Connecting Past, Present, and Future Leading to Sustainable Energy: The Transition to a Better Future with Tesla Open Access

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Tesla: To Produce, Store, and Utilize exhibition (the Tesla exhibition) will promote Tesla, Inc. (“Tesla”) brand and their mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy so that people can make informed decisions for a better future. Many people know Tesla as an electronic vehicle company. The young successful automaker’s aspiration did not stop at cars with a battery but has been sprouting to general transportation infrastructures and the energy industry as a whole, seeking to change and shape the way that society uses energy by bringing to the market sustainable energy as a commodity. Tesla already has designed and deployed distributed energy resources to communities for clean, resilient and affordable power. The innovative company is driving to the better future with sustainable energy.The exhibition will be held at the McMillan Filtration Site, Washington D.C. The McMillan site is located in the city and is the perfect place to stimulate senses and evoke curiosity by taking the visitor underground to engage with the topic of energy generation and consumption. The design juxtaposition will create a dialogue between the old framework and the new, forward-looking methods and products.The design goals of the Tesla exhibition are: To create an engaging, sensory and stimulating experience, visitors can navigate themselves in the space, adding a sense of exploration, discovery to the exhibition, employing the attributes of the site to create a dramatic effect. To deliver the message “To replace harmful fossil fuel, there is a transition to sustainable energy; Tesla is one of the companies that leads the transition,” there are interpretive goals to stick to: Raise awareness about the problems of fossil fuel, encourage sustainable energy, and promote Tesla’s mission and their projects to build a better future. The Tesla exhibition is conceptually divided into three sections: Past, Present, and Future. Visitors start their journey in Tesloop on their way to McMillan site and explore the ground and under ground cave. After going through a transitional tunnel, visitors learn about fossil fuel and sustainable energy at three galleries where the two are introduced and compared. Express Lane and Living Room enhance visitor experience and the exhibition becomes a preview of the future of energy in the hidden underground cells.

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