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Multi-attribute Framework for Requirements Elicitation in Phased Array Radar Systems Open Access

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This research focused on improving the requirements elicitation phase by applying a multi-attribute approach to verify and confirm that a set of proposed requirements fulfill their objectives and constraints. A cornerstone of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP)—absolute measurement, which is also known as the Ratings approach—was applied to prioritize a requirement set with regard to their objectives and constraints. This approach was used to identify inconsistencies within requirement priorities, determine variance among stakeholder priorities, and perform a detailed sensitivity analysis to predict the nature of changes to a project’s objectives and priorities. This dissertation presents a rigorous process that can be easily adopted by government and commercial practitioners. This research presents the first demonstration of applying AHP to prioritize requirements for a United States Navy Phased Array Radar and uses a novel methodology for applying AHP’s Ratings approach to Requirements Prioritization. The United States Government Accountability Office has identified that the Department of Defense Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) does not currently prioritize requirements, consider redundancies across proposed programs, or prioritize and analyze capability gaps in a consistent manner. This approach provides a solution to help fill this gap.

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