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Redefining "Religious Beliefs" Under Title VII: The Conscience as the Gateway to Protection Open Access

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The intent of this thesis is not to persuade anyone of a particular legal, ideological, or political belief. On the contrary, the purpose is to further Congress' intent in passing Title VII's prohibition of religious discrimination, regardless of one's opinion of whether that intent is right or wrong. The subsequent analysis focuses on whether the courts' application and subsequent development of these laws in light of Congress' purpose has been proper, and if not, how torectify it. Unfortunately, the current state of Title VII's prohibition of religious discrimination is a Monet of jurisprudence. From afar, it appears a rational portrait of the present day values of religious protection. Look too closely, and the canvas of logic devolves into individual specks by which no man can deduce reason or understanding, nor predict the color of the next decision in a sequence.

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